Thermal Bridge


Thermal bridge simply means that there is a weakness within your home structure that enables heat loss. That “weakness” only exists because the home is poorly insulated and constructed. The “bridge” is a passage/pathway for heat to escape and bring in cold air (absence of heat) through the building envelope. The envelope includes elements like:  walls, roof, and ceilings. Of special concern are conditions such as edges, corners, connections and penetrations that are responsible for the greatest loss of heat and where thermal bridging often occurs.


How do you eliminate or reduce thermal bridging?

For starters, if you are living in a Passive Home, you are guaranteed thermal bridge free construction. There is a high level of thermal insulation. In addition, construction details are engineered to eliminate poor construction where thermal bridging often occurs.

Why does this phenomenon occur? It is a natural process, heat wants to travel where there is an absence of heat. To compensate for this loss, more energy consumption is required to replace the energy which escaped your house, this leads higher heating cost.  

Eliminating thermal bridges improves comfortability by eliminating cold spots inside your home. With Passive House,  your home will be comfortable year round.