Happy Earth Day NYC! Here are six things you can do on your next project to make our environment healthier, and you happier

Build a Roof Garden Your roof is like undeveloped land. It is time to utilize this space and make your little oasis in the city.  Grow your own herbs, better the environment, watch the sunset, improve your quality of life.


Get Passive It is possible to renovate or build a new house that requires zero energy. On your next major project, consider building to PassiveHouse standards.


Use Reclaimed Materials Using reclaimed materials not only gives your space a beautiful texture, it prevents unnecessary waste too.  


Think Big & Build Small Too many homes are oversized, requiring too much material and too much energy. Smaller, well designed homes can be an exciting and cost effective alternative. 


Be efficient Consider giving your home an appliance upgrade. Replace your gas cooktop with an induction cooktop, up to 80% of heat is lost with gas burners, while induction is 90% efficient.


Go Prefab Prefab is a great alternative if you want to build that uber cool weekend retreat in the Adirondacks. Integrate the latest green technologies, and you are truly living off the grid.