Sean O’Brien loved art since he was a young child. Compelled by his passion, he became a licensed architect to pursue a creative life. His path as an architect has lead him to a life long fulfilling journey of growth and study.

The establishment of so architecture was driven by his philosophy to enrich lives through well designed buildings. He believes what connects us is our relationship to the environment and strongly promotes sustainability to strive for a healthier planet. Committing over 20 years of architectural experience, Sean O’Brien actively contributes towards improving the livability of our cities and believes good design should be attainable by everyone.

A Healthier Planet

Architecture holds a great responsibility to the environment which is why so architecture proposes green projects. Coal, unfortunately, continues to be the main source of electricity and is the #1 greatest air polluter in the U.S. The release of toxic chemicals produced from coal plants are not only destroying our environment, but damaging to our health as well. However, there are alternative building methods that are energy and water efficient. Green projects utilize sustainable and renewable resources such as natural elements, passive heating and cooling, solar technologies, and much more to help us keep the pollution impact minimal.

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Make Lives Better

The quality of our surrounding can lift the quality of our lives, both physically and mentally. So architecture presents the opportunity to create personalized space according to your lifestyle that caters to your needs. Good design promotes healthy living by reducing stress factors and ensuring a safe atmosphere. Inefficiency in structures such as ventilation, heating, and cooling can cause mold, respiratory problems, allergies, and other harmful side effects which is why proper systems is emphasized. Your space should never be a contributor to poor health.

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Architecture is responsible for the quality of the community. Multiple levels of details and conditions are carefully taken into consideration – the placement of trees, adequate lighting, lengths of cross-walks, and much, much more. Good design ensures a comfortable habitat that has variety, allowing pedestrians to have options. It affects social interaction, physical activity, the economy, and to sum it all up, our lifestyle.

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Overtime, we have become so fixated on innovating in ways that we see most beneficial to us that we have disconnected from nature. We have forgotten our role and relationship to the environment and ignored the noticeable reactions (global warming, icebergs melting, extinction of species, etc.) However, we have the ability to do something about it. So architecture encourages designs that are eco-conscious by responsibly utilizing natural elements as resources.

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Everyone deserves a well designed space that is comfortable, safe, and efficient. An architect is not a resource that only the wealthy can afford. So architecture serves everyone in the public regardless of financial standing. We search for alternative methods of delivering houses to a broader portion of the public. With careful consultation, we discover what would be the best option that we can offer within a particular budget if necessary.

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