Airtight Construction & Draft Free

Ideally everyone should live in an airtight home, not only does airtight reduces drafts, but it controls the moisture and humidity that takes place inside of your home. Also, you’d be saving tons of energy dollars.

Airtight houses are cheaper to heat since it “seamlessly encloses the heat space”, which means,  no wind or air would be able to move through the walls. Plus, you wouldn’t even need to worry about pollutants and insects that usually make their way through gaps and cracks (there wouldn't be any holes for them to come in).  You also wouldn't need to worry about molds due to moisture since there would not be any pathways for that to even exist.

Furthermore, moisture migration occurs because air leaks into the insulation layer, however, if your home is airtight, moisture migration will not exist. For colder climates, an airtight house can secure warm air from escaping your home, it is very energy efficient.

Some other advantages are : improving sound transmission (ie, a quiet and peaceful environment), saving energy, and preventing structural damage. Also, airtight homes and buildings are more durable, not to mention, you will be free of drafts and comfortable too.